Date : 28/09/2020 - | Sector: Horticulture

  • Minor fruit crops :(Rambutan, Litchi, Persimmon, Avacado, Kiwi, passion fruit, etc) Rs. 30000 per hectare given as subsidy.
  • Traditional fruit & Vegetable cultivars Scheme, Rs. 15000 per hectare given as subsidy.
  • Dry land crops (Jamun, Amla, tamarind, etc.,) Scheme, Rs. 20000 per hectare given as subsidy.
  • Vegetable seed kit distribution (Brinjal, Bhendi, Moringa, Snake Gourd, Bitter Gourd, Tomato, Cluster Bean), Rs 10 per kit given as subsidy. Per Family Eligible for benefit 6 Kits.

Eligibility Condition

  • All farmers are eligible. Priority to be given for SF/MF/SC/ST/Women and other farmers.
  • The selected farmers should have own land/ leased land (10 years registered lease)
  • The selected farmers should be an account holder in order to facilitate the DBT (Direct Benefit Transfer).
  • The beneficiary should produce evidence of AADHAR card/Ration card/Voter ID.
  • Farmers have to make their own arrangement for transportation of planting materials.
  • Fund allocation to be made as 79.843% for General, 19.147 % for SC, 1.01% for ST and overall 30% for women farmers.
  • Each farmer can avail a maximum of 2 Ha for vegetables and 4Ha for Fruits.
  • The assistance for inputs like water soluble fertilizers, plant protection chemicals and bio inputs should be provided as back ended subsidy.
  • The farmer can choose the local fruit and vegetable variety specific to that area.
  • If the required planting material cost exceeds the subsidy amount, the excess amount should borne by the farmers.

Procedure to obtain the benefit/Service

  • The beneficiary selection should be done mainly through UZHAVAN App and
  • Priority register should be maintained along with date of receipt of application at Block level.


All farmers



How To Apply

The beneficiary selection should be done mainly through UZHAVAN App and