Holy Places

Chandra Choodeswarar Temple

Chandra choodeswarar temple (lord siva temple) is famous for its hill temple where presiding deity lord Siva is Arul migu maragathambal samadha (Sreee Chandra Choodeswarar) it is located 40kms from Bangalore 52kms from Krishnagiri in National High ways NH-7 Daily 500-1000 Devotees are visiting this temple most of them from hosur, Bangalore, Krishnagri, and neibouring states like Karnataka, and Anthrapradesh. it is very famous temple like Mysore Samundeeswari temple. stone inscription is witnessed 11th century AD Chola period temple the Glory of Raja Raja cholan and Gulothunga cholan also found in this temple stone documents.

Chandra Choodeswarar temple car festivals is very famous festivals in city most of the people from hosur, mangaluru part of Karnataka are participated in this festivals every year in the month of Mar-April. Temple maintained by HR&CE, Garden, telescope house maintained by Municipal Corporation, Hosur.

Shree Parshwa Padmavathe Shaktipeet

Jain dharma consists of 24 theerthankars, In these 24 theerthankars the 23rd theerthankar is considered to be swami parshwanathbhagwan. Today shaktipeet is the world’s highest (365 ft height) Jain temple adorning images of the Tirthankar Arihanta Paramatmans. 6km from Krishnagiri. Shree Parshwa Padmavti Nagar, Sadhanpalli, sundampatti post.

Hannuman Thirtham

This place is situated on the bank of pennaiyar at a distance of 10km from Uthangarai and traditionally associated with Theerthamalai. It is believed that Hanuman who was instructed by Lord Rama to get the water from the Ganges for his penance at Tirtamalai which he could not do it in time, So Rama was said to have done Asthrapryogam and got it. Disappointed at this, Hanuman was said to have thrown down the vessel in which he brought the holy water and this spilled water is believed to be the ‘Hanumantirtham’. The water is considered sacred and during the Tamil month of Adi (July-August) people frequent this spot. Timing:6.30am to 1pm & 4.20 pm to 9pm.

Kattuvera Anjeneyar Kovil

Kattuveera Anjaneya Temple is located at Krishnagiri in Tamil Nadu is said to be 2500 years old and this Anjaneya here ensures that the one wish which one pray with full devotion is said to come true, within 3 months.

At the counter if one pays Rs.50/- a saffron bag with coconut, betel leaves and coconut is handed to us which has a number written on it and one card containing the same no. Pray for the fulfillment of one wise and along with a dakshina the saffron bag is tied and kept inside the sanctum of Anjaneya where the poojari does a small pooja and hands back to us.

The devotee has to complete 11 rounds of the temple chanting the mantra “sri Ram jai Ram Jai Jai Jai Ram” and once the 11 pradikshna is over then the saffron bag is kept along with the other devotees bags separately for 3months. It is believed that the one wish which you want to be fulfilled gets fulfilled, and once the wish is fulfilled you are expected to return and claim the saffron bag from the temple.

There is one natural rock formation Nandi which one cannot miss and shows the presence of shiva too here.

Pettaraya Swamy Temple

Pettaraya Swamy temple Denkanikottai is located in Denkanikottai 25 kms from Hosur It is 14th century AD Temple main deity is Lord Vishnu car festival is main attraction of the temple for the month of Mar-Apr every year. Pettaraya Sway temple is one among the 108 Divya Dhesam.