Krishnagiri District is endowed with rich water resources. The Pennaiyarriver and Markandeyanadhi river caters to the water requirement of district. The Cauvery river too flows through the district and contributes for the water requirement of the district. The district has 5 reservoirs, many irrigation tanks and rural tanks. Owing to the rich water resources and rich fisheries potential, the office of the Assistant Director of Fisheries, Krishnagiri was established in the year 05.10.2005 and various sub-offices are functioning under the Assistant Director of Fisheries, Krishnagiri.

Fisheries development Activities [1.25 MB]

Three Fish Seed rearing Centres viz., KRP Dam fish seed rearing centre at Krishnagiri, Pampar Fish seed Rearing centre at Uthangakarai and Kellaverapalli fish seed rearing centre at Hosur.

12 Fishermen Co-operative Societies are functioning in krishnagiri district

  • Krishnagiri Fishermen Co-operative society
  • Krishnagiri Fisherwomen Co-operative society
  • Hosur Fishermen Co-operative society
  • Soodapuram Fishermen Co-operative society
  • Kaveripattinam Fishermen Co-operative society
  • Billigundu Fishermen Co-operative society
  • Naghanur Fishermen Co-operative society
  • Thali Fishermen Co-operative society
  • Uthangakarai Fishermen Co-operative society
  • Aananthur Fishermen Co-operative society
  • Rayakotttai Fishermen Co-operative society
  • Denkanikaottai Fishermen Co-operative society

The following schemes are implement in our department

  1. 50 % subsidy for supply of fishing implements under National Agriculture Development Programme (NADP)
  2. Multipurpose Farm Pond GIFT (Genetically Improved Farm Tilapia) seed stocking
  3. Central Sector Scheme under Blue Revolution Concept-Repair and Renovation of fish farm
Contact Details
Name/Designation Contact Number eMail ID Address
Inspector of Fisheries 9943936243 adfkrishnagiri1@gmail[dot]com Krishnagiri Fish Farm, Krishnagiri
Inspector of Fisheries 9384824261 adfkrishnagiri1@gmail[dot]com Pambar Fish Farm, Krishnagiri