50 % subsidy for supply of fishing implements under National Agriculture Development Programme

| Sector: Fisheries

The Fisheries Cooperative Societies play a dynamic role in the upliftment of socio economic status of fishermen and fisherwomen in the State by extending many Welfare Schemes to the members. In Krishnagiri district, there are 12 Inland Fishermen Cooperative Societies, and about 5000 fishermen have been enrolled as members of the fishermen / fisherwomen cooperative societies. Some of the inland water bodies are leased out to the Inland Fishermen Cooperative Societies towards exploitation of fishes not only to uplift the livelihood but also to generate income to the Government.

Eligibility Condition

Members of Inland Fishermen Co-operative society, who are fishing in the inland water bodies.

Procedure to obtain the benefit/Service

  1. Members of inland fishermen co-operative society who are eligible can approach the Inspector of Fisheries/Sub-Inspector of Fisheries office directly in their respective blocks along with application form, Ration card (Photo copy), Aadhar card (Photo copy), Bank passbook (Photo copy), Fishermen welfare board card (Photo copy)
  2. Member should duly forward his/her application through President Fishermen Co-operative society of their respective blocks.
  3. Member already purchased Net and Coracle during the past 5 years is not eligible for availing the subsidy

Impact of the Scheme

During the year 2016-17 95 fishing nets and 78 fishing crafts were provided to the fishermen, which promoted the fishing efficiency of the individual and also the catch per effort. This results in a remarkable increase in fish production and also the income of the individual fishermen.


Members of Inland Fishermen Co-operative society, who are fishing in the inland water bodies


50 % subsidy