Village Poverty Reduction Committee Formation

| Sector: Mahalir Thittam
  • To identify the target poor (participatory Identification poor) among the community people.
  • To form village poverty reduction committee from the identified target people.
  • Mobilization of the left out target poor in to the SHG
  • Economically Empower the differently – abled and vulnerable people.
  • To give seed money to the SHG’s
  • To give CIF to the SHG’s (Community investment Fund).

Eligibility Condition

  • Gramma Sabha Approves Target poor people member as a Village poverty Reduction Committee 10-20 members in VPRC (Village Poverty Reduction Committee)
  • 12-20 Women member in SHG
  • 18-60 Age group people coming under the SHG
  • Gramma Sabha approves Differently abled and vulnerable people eligible for receiving the VRF fund.

Procedure to obtain the benefit/Service

  • VPRCs Receive the VRF Fund, RF (Seed Money) and Community investment fund (CIF) from Govt.
  • Allotted fund will distributed through the CBOs like VPRC, PLF and SHGs based on the CBOs resolutions

Other information

Phase – II Bargur, Kaveripattinam and Krishnagiri Block 102 VPRC’s Received first installment Rs.4.00 lakhs Phase-III block, Veppanapalli and Hosur 53 VPRC’s received Rs.65000/- each.