Tourism Operator Registration System

Date : 27/09/2022 - | Sector: Tourism

The new guidelines have been framed for registration of Home-stay/Bed and Breakfast providers, Camping sites operators, Adventure Tourism Operators and Caravan Park / Caravan Tour operators.

  • Home-stay/Bed and Breakfast providers: 1 to 3 rooms in the home can register under home-stay and 4 to 6 rooms can register under Bed and Breakfast providers
  • Camping sites operators: Camping site operators can register here
  • Adventure Tourism Operators: Adventure Tourism operators like Adventure Parks, Water sports, Aero sports, Land Sports activities operators can register.
  • Caravan Park / Caravan Tour operators: Caravan Park & Tour operators can register.

Eligibility Condition

All service providers under these categories.

Procedure to obtain the benefit/Service

Should apply online.




Tour and Stay

How To Apply

Apply online