Tamil Nadu Rural Roads Improvement Scheme

| Sector: Rural Development

During 2015-16, the Government of Tamil Nadu had introduced an omnibus scheme called the Tamil Nadu Rural Roads Improvement Scheme (TNRRIS) for the comprehensive improvement of the rural roads. The objective of the scheme is to ensure optimal allocation of funds for Upgradation, Strengthening and Maintenance of Panchayat Union and Village Panchayat roads.

Prioritisation of roads

  • Roads connecting unconnected habitations, irrespective of the population, are given first priority.
  • Next Priority is given for upgrading and strengthening of bus-plying and minibus-plying roads.
  • Important link roads connecting market places, Educational/Health Services and roads which have good utility value are then selected.

Implementation of TNRRIS

Tamil Nadu Rural Roads Improvement Scheme (TNRRIS) was implemented as follows.

  • Under Stream-I : Upgradation of the Non-BT roads to BT standards shall be taken.
  • Under Stream-II : Strengthening and Maintenance of Existing damaged roads shall be taken up.
  • Under Stream-III : Renewal of BT roads. Under this programme the following are the work progress status as on date.