Solid Waste Management

| Sector: Rural Development

The solid waste management programme has been implemented in all the 333 VPs in a phased manner.

The following methodologies are being followed for the successful implementation of this scheme.

  • Door to Door Collection of Waste by involving 2,663 Thooimai Kavalars @ 1 person for 150 Houses.
  • 2011 Tricycles are engaged for the collection of wastes @ 1 Tricycle for 300 Houses.
  • Segregation of Bio Degradable & Non Bio Degradable wastes done in 910 segregation points.
  • 1,820 compost yard for bio degradable waste and 910 decompose yard for non bio degradable waste were formed by convergence through MGNREGS.
  • 2 Nos. of Plastic shredding machines were installed and the plastic wastes are used for laying of roads. Totally 109.621 K.M. (57 Roads) (Kattiganapalli Pt. in Krishnagiri Block, Kothagondapalli Pt. in Hosur Block).
  • 62,210 kgs of bio degradable wastes were sold as manure @ a cost of Rs. 80,755/- (per Kg. cost Rs. 1.30) & Remitted in the concerned Account.
  • Non bio degradable wastes (except plastic waste) were sold to a cost of Rs. 43,457/-.
  • The Average waste collected in the rural areas per day is 4 to 6 tones.
  • Totally 4,694 GI Garbage Bins were provided to dispose the wastes by the Panchayat.
  • This work is done daily, the work progress is monitored through online on daily basis district level.