Date : 28/09/2020 - | Sector: Horticulture

Integrated Farming System: For an area of 1 hectare, 50% subsidy up to Rs. 60000/- has been given for, Apiary Units, Permanent Vermicompost unit, Desi Poultrybirds, Goat/Sheep, Milch Cows/ Buffalo, planting material for Horticulture Based Farming System and other inputs

Eligibility Condition

  • Farmers having one hectare and above land are eligible to avail subsidy under this scheme.
  • Preference should be given to small farmer families.
  • Preference will be given to such beneficiaries who do not currently have most of the IFS component proposed.
  • If the beneficiary is already having one Milch Cow/Buffalo, then an additional cow will be given to him and if he is having two cows/buffaloes already, then the beneficiary will not be eligible for this component.
  • The breed of the Buffalo/Cow/Goat/Sheep to be purchased from their own district to the wish of the beneficiaries. The age of the Buffalo/Cow should not be more than 4 years meanwhile the age of the Goat/Sheep should be 6 to 8 months.
  • Cow which has already got a tag or hole on any of the ears should not be purchased under this scheme.
  • The beneficiary should bring the animal for necessary health check-ups to the nearest Veterinary Dispensary.

Procedure to obtain the benefit/Service

  • The beneficiary selection should be done mainly through UZHAVAN App and


All farmers



How To Apply

The beneficiary selection should be done mainly through UZHAVAN App and