Members of Parliament Local Area Development Scheme

| Sector: Rural Development

On 23rd December 1993 Prime Minister had announced the Members of Parliament Local Area Development Scheme (MPLADS) in the Parliament. Initially the MPLADS was under the control of the Ministry of Rural Development. The 1st Guidelines were issued in February 1994, covering the concept, implementation and monitoring of the Scheme. The MPLAD Scheme was transferred to the Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation in October 1994. The guidelines were lastly revised in June 2016.

The objective of the scheme is to enable MPs to recommend works of developmental nature with emphasis on the creation of durable community assets based on the locally felt needs to be taken up in their Constituencies. Right from inception of the Scheme, durable assets of national priorities viz. drinking water, primary education, public health, sanitation and roads, etc. are being created.

In 1993-94, when the Scheme was launched, an amount of Rs.5.000 lakh per Member of Parliament was allotted which became Rupees one crore per annum per MP constituency from 1994-95. This was stepped up to Rs.2 crore from 1998-99 and now it is Rs.5 crore from the financial year 2011-12. Out of Rs.5 Crore Rs.10Lakh is for administrative expenses.