Dr.Muthulakshmi Maternity Benefit Scheme

| Sector: Health Care

Health and Family welfare Department has enhanced the financial assistance to poor pregnant mothers from Rs. 12000 to Rs.18000.

This scheme is strengthened with Nutrition kit with a view to reduce MMR and IMR.

This scheme aims to provide optimal nutrition for pregnant and lactating women and compensates the wage loss during pregnancy.

Installment/Kind benefit Conditionality Amount
I Installment Antenatal registration on or before 12 weeks Rs.2,000/-
Kind benefit Completion of third month (Kind benefit) Rs.2,000/-
II Installment After 4 months Rs.2,000/-
Kind benefit Second Nutrition Kit (Kind benefit) Rs.2,000/-
III Installment After delivery Rs.4,000/-
IV Installment After completion of all 3rd doses of OPV/Rota/Penta valent and 2 doses of IPV. Rs.4,000/-
V Installment After completion of Measles Rubella vaccination between 9th and 12th month of their infants. Rs. 2,000/-
Total Rs.18,000/-
Nutrition kit Rs. 2000 worth contains
Products Units
Health Mix Powder for Pregnant Mothers 1 kg
IFA Syrup 3 Nos
Dates 1 Kg
Protein biscuits 500 gms
Aavin Ghee 500gms
T.Albendazole 3 Nos
Towel 1 Nos

Eligibility Condition

  • The pregnant mother should have completed 19 yrs of age
  • The eligible mother will receive all 5 Installments for Two deliveries only
  • HOB and Migrant mothers will receive 1st and 5th installments on certain conditions

Procedure to obtain the benefit/Service

The Pregnant mother should register her pregnancy before 12 weeks with the VHN / UHN or she should have pre – registered her pregnancy before 12 weeks.

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Financial assistance to poor pregnant mothers