Noon Meal Programme

The Puratchi Thalaivar MGR Noon Meal Programme was introduced and was commenced on 01/07/1982 with an aim to create the future human resource of our children with nutritious, courageous and to become literate citizen of our country. This scheme was first introduced to the primary school education children (From 1 to 5th standard) and then this scheme was extended to the high School students (From 6 to 10th standard) of the Government school and Government aided schools wef:15.09.1984. This scheme comes under the Ministry of Social welfare department and being monitored. The Tamil Nadu state Government is the Pioneer for this scheme in India.

  1. To considerably reduce the dropout of the school going children.
  2. Guaranteed the serving of cooked food to the children of socially and economically backward class families.
  3. To raise the knowledge of education among such children.
  4. To raise the nutrition strength
  5. To reduce the disease due to mal nutrition.
  6. To raise the admission and enrolment in government schools and also the attendance to the school.


  1. Puratchi Thalaivar MGR Noon Meal Programme

Other information

285 number of New Kitchen Sheds Constructed From 2006-07 to 2012-13 at a cost of Rs.380.536 lakhs and 1590 Kitchen Modernized with Gas connection from 2006-07 to 2014-15. Out of which 337 gas connections were installed under MLA-CDS and 1253 gas connections under Director of Social Welfare, Chennai. An expenditure of Rs. 355.365 lakhs was made for 1590 noon meal centers at a cost of Rs.22,350/ per connection.

Contact Details
Name/Designation Contact Number eMail ID Address
Noon Meal Officer, Krishnagiri 9791335073 kgikgri[dot]tnbdo@nic[dot]in Block Development Office, Krishnagiri
Noon Meal Officer, Kaveripattinam 9655066653 kgikpnm[dot]tnbdo@nic[dot]in Block Development Office, Kaveripattinam
Noon Meal Officer, Bargur 9787217952 kgibgur[dot]tnbdo@nic[dot]in Block Development Office, Bargur.
Noon Meal Officer, Mathur 9442148718 kgimthr[dot]tnbdo@nic[dot]in Block Development Office, Mathur.
Noon Meal Officer, Uthangarai 9442125774 kgiugri[dot]tnbdo@nic[dot]in Block Development Office, Uthangarai.
Noon Meal Officer, Veppanapalli 9841612112 kgivnpi[dot]tnbdo@nic[dot]in Block Development Office, Veppanapalli.
Noon Meal Officer, Shoolagiri 9486291204 kgisgri[dot]tnbdo@nic[dot]in Block Development Office, Shoolagiri.
Noon Meal Officer, Hosur 9442875945 kgihsur[dot]tnbdo@nic[dot]in Block Development Office, Hosur.
Noon Meal Officer, Kelamangalam 9443637818 kgikmgm[dot]tnbdo@nic[dot]in Block Development Office, Kelamangalam
Noon Meal Officer, Thally 7402607047 kgithly[dot]tnbdo@nic[dot]in Block Development Office, Thally.
Noon Meal Officer, Krishnagiri 9750210244 commr[dot]krishnagiri@gmail[dot]com Municipality, Krishnagiri.