Agricultural Marketing

Role of Agri Business

  • Formation of crop wise commodity groups
  • Explaining post harvest technologies and demonstration to farmers and commodity groups
  • Making MoU arrangement for transaction with commodity groups and traders
  • Exposure visit for identifying different markets and food processing industries
  • Awareness about commodity value addition
  • Market intelligence and information to farmers through mobile vis SMS and Newspapers
  • Encouraging farmers to cultivate the crops market demand
  • Making necessary arrangements for the farmers to sell the produce in closed tender through regulated market
  • Creating awareness to the farmers about farmers pledge loan in the regulated market.
  • Converting farmers as food processing entrepreneur
  • Encouraging farmers and traders for utilization of ripening chambers
  • Encouraging direct sale of produce through Uzhavar Sandhai

Chain Management of Fruits and Vegetables

Horticulture commodities are highly perishable unlike agricultural commodities which can be kept with farmers for sometimes before they can be taken to market. Horticulture produce are subject to losses owing to respiration, physiological loss in weight, post harvest handling etc. Further, storage of horticulture produce is cost intensive and creation of infrastructure at farmer level is not feasible. So for marketing the horticulture produce, immense potential exist for creation of Integrated Supply Chain Management.

Uzhavar Sandhai

The Uzhavar Sandhai helps the small and marginal farmers to market their produce directly to the consumers and hence the intervention of middle man is curtailed. This fetches more profit to the farmers. Also the consumers get fresh produce in reasonable price.

In Krishnagiri District the following Uzhavar Sandhais are functioning

  1. Krishnagiri
  2. Hosur
  3. Avalapalli
  4. Denkanikottai
Contact Details
Name/Designation Contact Number eMail ID Address
Deputy Director of Agriculture (Agri Business) ddab[dot]krishnagiri@gmail[dot]com Regulated Market Complex, 57, Hamsa Hussain Street, Newpet, Krishnagiri – 635 001